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Many years ago my personal trainer asked me to go home and watch the documentary film "Pumping Iron". I was not very inclined to do so. I am not a fan of self help or motivational material. But "Pumping Iron" although old when I saw it, was compelling, and entertaining. You could see that Arnold Schwarzenegger as young man had natural Charisma and Sense of Humour that would see him on to great success. Even to this day "Pumping Iron" is one of favourite movies. I high encourage anyone to watch it for its entertainment value alone, not to mention its inspirational aspects.

Well recently another friend from University encouraged me to watch Mr. Schwarzenegger's latest you tube release on "Success". Once again it was highly entertaining as only "Arnold can be. But more importantly it was highly Motivational. I encourage all to watch the below address by Mr. Schwarzenegger.

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